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The environment

A study commissioned by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, based on empirical data, shows that the influence of fireworks on emissions of fine dust and carbon dioxides hardly plays a role. For fine dust, it is 0.28% of total emissions and for carbon dioxide, only 0.0001%.

According to the VPI (German Pyrotechnic Industry Association), the fine dust particles from fireworks are water-soluble because they consist of soluble salts. Therefore, unlike the fine dust particles generated from traffic, they only remain in the air and in the lungs for a short time.

The fine particles from fireworks contain soluble salts, but no soot, and is also not carcinogenic. Both the soil and the plants absorb these fine dust particles in the form of minerals.

The plastic content is already low as well. However, the industry is constantly looking for new solutions to be able to reduce plastic further and further. Almost 50% of sales in the pyrotechnics industry are now generated with articles that consist almost entirely of recycled paper.

It is important to buy products only from CE certified pyrotechnicians, because it means that the products meet the strict European standards.